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I have wanted to do an ABOUT ME page for a while now. But it seems every time I get to this page to write instead of going on a list of likes I find myself asking "Just who are you?" And that leaves me feeling overwhelmed to be honest! (smile)

I thought to keep it simple with something like I love the Lord, I love to craft, I love my friends and family and mostly I love to talk!! ha ha But the more I thought about it the more I realized I have become so many different people over the last thirty seven years.

I am a mother to teenage boys. I was single for the majority of raising them. With them I have got to be the cub scout leader, the ball catcher, the cheerleader, spiritual leader, the all knowing when it comes to helping them with "girl" knowledge, comforter when they hurt themselves, chauffeur (this is a major part of me), and  audience...I get all their goofy male jokes.

I now have two girls who are almost one and two and a half. They are bringing out something totally different in me. FEMININITY. I growing up did not have this trait. I was a tomboy. Not all completely by choice. Some of it was just to survive. There are some areas in me that are for the first time coming alive and embracing the girl in me. And I believe it is just God healing areas and growing me in areas that for other reasons didn't grow when I was young. With the girls I am getting to do the fun stuff I did with the boys, but I am also getting to play princess and be the tea party host. I am looking forward to this next part of my life.

Then I am a wife. I am the cheerleader, the confidant, the friend, the one who is suppose to meet and greet him with a smile regardless of how my day has gone. (wink) All that comes to my mind right now is "LUCY....I'M HOME!" ha ha ha

I then am a homemaker of sorts. I do work. But It seems be the home falls on me and is my responsibility. So then I am the dishwasher (when my boys are off), the janitor, interior designer, the grocery shopper, menu preparer, and the cook. I am in charge of the kids chores, homework, laundry, trash, and even at times the yard! Did I mention I am also the doctor, the diaper changer, and the secretary to my husband and his business? If you are a woman I am sure you can relate to the feeling of  this....."I DO A BIT OF EVERYTHING!!"

 So with all this, I find myself thinking wow...who am "I"? I guess because who I am is always due to serving everyone around me. Which I do find such a blessing. But in the mix I feel I have lost myself. Can any of you relate to this? I remember when I was really young a friend of mine saying "Don't rush in growing up!" She said with her she was "Debbie the Daughter, Debbie the Wife, and Debbie the Mother...But never got to be just Debbie." I now totally understand it now...Wise woman!!

I had been praying a lot for God to help me and put desires in my heart to lead me in ways for me to go and this is where I ended....or Began I should say! (wink) I felt like I needed something that was just me...Just mine. Just a few moments in the day to do things just for me and myself. So now I am a blogger! And beginning to do things my heart has desired to try and do for a very very very long time. I am hoping to along the way meet people, get inspired, and hopefully make some friends along the way. I feel like I am taking an adventure!

In saying all that....I hope that if you find yourself on my page, you will write, comment, and become apart of my adventure! (wink)

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